Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

Dry in 1 Hour or Less!

Our unique process uses 90% less water than traditional methods.     

  • Spot-Treatment:

Any spots or stains will be given extra attention, using our Oxygen-Enhanced cleaners, which use the natural power of oxidation to break down soil and stains.

  • Pre-Spray:

Our Green Encapsulation product is thoroughly sprayed onto the carpet. This solution breaks the bonds between the soil and carpet fibers.  As the carpet dries, soil particles become crystallized, enabling easy removal.

  • Agitation:

A deep-pile lifter is used to penetrate the encapsulation solution deep into the carpet. This machine uses 2 cylindrical brushes, each with over 1,000 bristles, rotating in opposite directions at 380 RPM. The brushing action brings everything embedded in the carpet pile to the surface. Poorly maintained carpets often have clumps of material embedded deep in the carpet pile, beyond the reach of even the best household vacuums.

  • Post-Vacuum:

Subsequent vacuuming is necessary to remove the crystallized soil. This can be done as soon as the carpet is dry, or at the next scheduled vacuuming.

  • Dry Time:

The carpet is usually dry in less than 1 hour. Heavily soiled areas may take slightly longer.

  • Additional Services:

Deodorizer: If odor is a problem, we also offer a Deodorizer package to neutralize unwanted odors.